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About Us
Cien Tangos Pug Breeders
About UsIn August 2004, our first pug Linus came into our lives, and together with the joy and fun he brought along, our interest in this incredible breed started to grow even more. In 2006, after a long waiting time, we finally brought our first female "Xosefina von Beusloe" from Germany into the country. Apart from being an extraordinarily healthy girl with a bombastic temperament, we also like very much her type. Her sire "Sasquehanna Kluch" is a descendant of the well-known American Sheffield line, and her dam "Lotta von Beusloe" comes out of the traditional German line of our good friend Angelika Koch. We cannot thank Angelika enough for this outstanding girl and also for her continuous support and good advice. In 2011 we could not resist and brought our first black girl "Paulinchen von Beusloe", also bred by Angelika, to Argentina. Our long term goal is to develop our own line of blacks in the country.

Furthermore we are very happy and proud of our friendship and permanent cooperation with Diana Hedstrom of Fantasy Pugs in Washington State, U.S.A., breeder of the famous "Glory’s Fantasy Tugboat Willy" and numerous other champions. We thank Diana very much for our beloved boys "Mo" (Fantasy’s Molikini of Cien Tangos) who left us way too soon and unexpectedly, "Justin" (Fantasy's Just Like That), our black "Dyce" (Fantasy Timeless Tumbling Dyce), and very proud to co-own with Diana the fantastic Multi Champion "AJ" (Fantasy's Timeless Smooth Operator) with whom we had the honor of winnig the ranking of the breed in 2010.

Our own breeding has been shown very successfully since 2008, and until 2013 we have bred 7 Champions and 3 Grand Champions. Furthermore so far we have imported and finished five pugs from the US, two from Germany and one from Poland. Our home-bred fawn male "Cien Tangos Babor" and our black girl "Cien Tangos Enrica" are two of Argentina's top winning pugs of the year 2013, and Enrica is actually the first black pug in history to finish its Argentine Grand Championship.

The purpose of this website is the entertainment and information of its visitors. It is not meant as a publicity and we will not try to convince anybody to purchase a puppy from us as this activity does not represent any source of income for us. What we expect from the future owners of our puppies is that they ensure a safe, happy and stable life for the dog. Please understand we will ask you many questions before selling you a puppy about your home, and how you would raise a puppy, and how it will live. We care about the puppies their whole lifetime!

We will not breed without having the intention to keep one of the puppies of the litter. We will not breed any bitch before her third season or 20 months of age. We do not breed any bitch more than two or maximum three times in her life.

The "retired" dogs and bitches remain with us in their familiar surroundings during their entire life (see the section "veterans"). Our puppies do not move to their new homes until they are at least three months old. They do not grow up in cages or kennels, but in permanent contact with people and other dogs in order to ensure an adequate socialization.

Our idea of a perfect pug is in the first place a healthy one with a funny, outgoing and open temperament. Neither too big nor too small, with correct movement and a pronounced pigment with black masks, ears and toenails, compact but not exaggeratedly stocky, plump and square. We do not like too bulging eyes, they represent an increased vulnerability to very dangerous eye injuries in case the pug bumps against a sharp or edgy object or plays with other dogs. Last but not least a pug will never be a sporting ace, but should be capable of normal walks without being exhausted after less than a mile.

We do not produce more than two or maximum three litters per year, therefore anybody who is interested in a puppy should contact us well in advance. All puppies are vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and have an FCA/FCI pedigree (www.fca.org.ar).

We hope that you enjoy our website and are looking forward to receiving any questions or suggestions you might have.